NY Gov. Admits Stay-At-Home 'Probably Not the Best Public Health Strategy'

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Holds Daily Briefing At Javits Center

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In a press conference on Thursday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that his stay-at-home order for the entire state was "probably not the best public health strategy."

He also added that the smartest way to handle the situation moving forward could be a implemented "get-back-to-work strategy."

“If you rethought that or had time to analyze that [stay-at-home] public health strategy, I don't know that you would say quarantine everyone,” Cuomo admitted. “I don't even know that that was the best public health policy. Young people then quarantined with older people was probably not the best public health strategy because the younger people could have been exposing the older people to an infection. “

Cuomo also said that he is working on developing a test that would be able to identify coronavirus antibodies in a healthy person whom has already recovered from the virus. Therefore allowing people to return to work.

“This is going to form a new generation and transform who we are. You are not alone. Nobody is alone,” he said.

While the number of cases continue to rise each day, the rate of increase is in fact slowing.

“'We're looking for a reduction in the rate of increase as opposed to the number of absolute cases, that's what we're looking for," Cuomo said.

Read the full report on Fox News.

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