JoAnn Fabrics Is Providing Free Supplies For People To Make Face Masks

Anyone who wants to join in the effort of making masks for people on the front lines of coronavirus, like Conway's wiiiiiiife, will now be able to do it for no cost. Ding Dong!

As of March 23, all 860 JoAnn Fabrics locations across the country are offering free mask-making kits to be donated to American hospitals in need. Even better, the kits are available for curbside pickup so people can keep a safe social distance.

They just ask that when you finish making the face masks, you return them to the JoAnn Fabrics location you picked up the kit from. After that, the company will make sure they get distributed to the people and organizations that need them most.

“The amazing thing about the crafting community is that, especially in difficult times, they are always looking for ways to help,” said Wade Miquelon, President and CEO of Jo-Ann. “We are seeing hospital workers, organizations and individuals coming into our stores for supplies to make these essential items, and our customers are asking us how they can help. So many are spending their time and money to help in this tragic situation, and we want to step in to do our part to protect the amazing people who are helping the communities we serve."

Check out more details on Fox News.

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