How to Unpack Groceries to Keep Coronavirus Out of Your Kitchen

If you've had to make a visit to a grocery store lately, you know it's turned into quite the adventure.

From long lines, to empty shelves, to coughing shoppers. It's rough out there!

But as if going out for those essential items wasn't stressful enough, bringing them home now has its own set of issues!

According to Dr. Oz, the virus can live on plastic for 2-3 days. That's bad news if you bring your groceries home from the store in plastic bags... And just think about all of the fruits and vegetables that are packaged in plastic containers! Oh, and don't forget about those boxes of cereal and other pantry goods. The virus can also live on cardboard for about 24 hours.


So while you're disinfecting everything else in your home, don't forget to disinfect your groceries too.

Dr. Oz spoke to correspondent Mara Schiavocampo about how you can make sure the food you bring home from the grocery store is clean for you and your family. Check out the video below:

Check out more details on The Wrap.

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