Department of Public Works Reminds Residents To ONLY Flush Toilet Paper

Here's one industry that might turn out to be coronavirus proof: plumbing...

The Department of Public Works in Redding, California sent out an ALL-CAPS warning residents to "ONLY FLUSH TOILET PAPER," after they were forced to unblock a sewer line last week. Turns out, people are flushing whatever substitutes they've used as it gets harder and harder to find toilet paper in stores.

In Redding's case, workers actually had to pull out t-shirts from the sewer line!

“The sewer line that had plugged up last week was not substantially different than any other sewer blockage from people flushing products that they aren’t supposed to, just that it was during the toilet paper shortage and was intentionally flushed in lieu of traditional toilet paper,” Assistant Director of Public Works Ryan Bailey told NBC News. “The item was specifically cut T-shirts.”

But the issue isn't just limited to California... Plumbers across America are reporting calls for clogged pipes.

On Monday, the federal Environmental Protection Agency also tweeted, "Toilets are not trash cans."

The more you know!

Not sure where to find toilet paper right now? We've got your back....side.

Just check out the online tracker below, it'll tell you which local Costco stores have toilet paper in stock!

Online Tracker Will Let You Know If Costco Has Toilet Paper In Stock - Thumbnail Image

Online Tracker Will Let You Know If Costco Has Toilet Paper In Stock

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