CSUN Reports 3 Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus

California State University Northridge has reported that three people associated with the college have been diagnosed with COVID-19 coronavirus. While two cases have been confirmed through the university, the third was confirmed elsewhere before informing CSUN. Due to patient confidentiality, it is unknown whether the three cases are students or faculty. Marisol Garcia, RN lead of public health at the Klotz Student Health Center, has stated that March 13 was the last time that students were on campus.

“We are working closely with the health department so that if anyone tested positive, we are tracking and performing surveillance for anyone that they may have contacted in the last week,” Garcia said. 

“We have contacted those people and recommend self-isolation,” Garcia said.

Anyone who may have made contact with any of these three people have been or will be notified, the Sundial reports.

The campus was informed of the infections after Dr. Yolanda Reed, director at the Klotz Student Health Center sent out an email notifying everyone.

“Across Southern California and at CSUN, we are moving into a phase where there will be more cases of COVID-19, which underscores the measures CSUN has already implemented to increase physical space of six feet or more for our campus community,” the email states. “This social distancing, combined with thorough hand-washing, cleaning surfaces and other hygiene measures, will help us reduce the spread of COVID-19.”

CSUN has posted updates and information on COVID-19 on their website. California’s ongoing state actions combating COVID-19 are posted to ca.gov.

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