Comedy Club Serving Up Laughs on YouTube Until Stay-At-Home Orders Lifted

If you've been cooped up inside your home for too long and need a laugh, the Laugh Factory in Hollywood announced they are here to help.

The comedy club announced Thursday that it was offering free livestreaming of stand-up comedy on its YouTube page.

“Everyone knows laughter is healing, and we need it now, more than ever,” Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada said. “Comedians are doctors of the soul, and while many people are confined to their homes during this aggravating pandemic, we're hoping to bring some contagious comedy and relief from the daily diet of depressing news.”

Livestreams began this week and will run until the stay-at-home orders issued by local and state officials are listed.

You can watch the livestream every day at 2 p.m. and can be found on the club's YouTube page here:

The comedy livestream began this week and will continue each day at 2 p.m. until stay-at-home orders are lifted.

City Councilman David Ryu applauded Masada's efforts.

“In a time of so much fear and uncertainty, there has never been a greater need for comedy,” Ryu said. “We have so much sobering news being thrown at us each day, we forget how important it is to take time for ourselves, to value what we have, and to laugh. Laughter is a force that brings us together, even when we are apart, and the Laugh Factory's daily livestream is an incredible way to create the shared experience we all could use right now.”

Photo: Getty Images

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