Biscuit at 2pm? Not Anymore, My Friend.

Hey, are you stress eating during this coronavirus thing? I sure am!

So, yesterday I decided to try to drown my trepidation with one of those new double Big Macs from McDonald’s. So get on the app, and start an order. Then I remembered that McDonald’s recently introduced a breakfast all day menu. Yes! Nothing goes with a Big Mac like a sausage biscuit, right? I’m sure The Fork Reporter would agree.

But I couldn’t find any breakfast items on the app.

You see, the coronavirus pandemic has led McDonald’s to narrow their menu and eliminate their breakfast all day options, which is understandable. Business is down, staff are limited, and supply chains are affected. So the simpler the operation, the better for the company.

McDonald’s is far from the only restaurant to do this. You are no doubt noticing that most eateries are working with a limited to-go/delivery model.

This is not a major problem. It’s nothing to cry about. But it is another small reminder of how the health crisis is altering almost every aspect of our lives.

BTW, I forgot to add fries to my order. That’s ok too. There’s always tomorrow.

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