Two Men Charged with Terroristic Threats After Purposely Coughing on People

Men in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are facing serious charges after allegedly coughing on people and saying they were infected with the coronavirus.

The New Jersey attorney general’s office says George Falcone is accused of coughing on a grocery store employee and telling the woman he was infected with the virus.

Prosecutors say the incident kicked off when the woman was concerned about Falcone standing too close to her as she was working with uncovered food.

When she asked him to step back, he allegedly stepped forward, coughed on her and laughed as he said he was infected.

Then in Pennsylvania, authorities say Daniel Tabussi deliberately coughed in a recovering pneumonia patient's face.

It is alleged that that Tabussi approached the man, who was wearing a medical face mask and gloves, and mocked him by making coughing sounds and saying he had the virus.

Both men are being charged with terroristic threats and harassment, with simple assault and disorderly conduct tacked on for Tabussi.

Both men are facing charges of terroristic threats and harrassment

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