Starbucks is Giving Out Free Coffee to All First Responders

Starbucks is choosing to go above and beyond for first responders impacted by the COVID-19 coronavirus. The popular coffee chain has announced that all police officers, paramedics, doctors, firefighters, hospital workers, nurses, and medical researchers will be eligible to receive a free tall coffee hot or iced from participating Starbucks nationwide. The special goes into effect today, March 25, and will be available until May 3rd.

“I am inspired by our Starbucks store partners around the world who proudly wear the green apron and who are rising to the occasion. They demonstrate our resilience and our commitment to the communities we serve,” Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson wrote in a letter to customers.

“It is the responsibility of every business to care for its employees during this time of uncertainty, shared sacrifice, and common cause. I hope to see many business leaders across this country doing all they can to retain jobs, pay employees, continue benefits, and demonstrate compassion as they make critical decisions. Not every decision is a financial one."

Throughout the pandemic, Starbucks has worked to maintain the financial and emotional health of their employees. On March 16 the company announced that they will be providing US employees and eligible family members access to 20 mental health sessions a year.

“As a part of our ongoing commitment to support partners (employees) mental health, Starbucks will provide all U.S. partners and eligible family members access to 20 sessions a year with a mental health therapist or coach through


In addition, the company has announced that they will be paying employees for the next 30 days whether they choose to work or not.

"We believe no [employee] should be asked to choose between work and their health," CEO and President Kevin Johnson said in a blog post.

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