Ballmer Goes Full Baller!

The long simmering (boiling really) dispute between Clippers owner Steve Ballmer and the owners of The Forum in Inglewood has been settled. Ballmer has agreed to buy The Forum from The Madison Square Garden Company (MSGC) for $400,000,000 IN CASH!

MSGC was concerned that a new Clippers stadium nearby would severly hurt The Forum's concert and event business. They also alleged various wrongdoing on the part of some city officials in moving Ballmer's project forward after agreeing not to allow competition in the city.

The purchase price essentially compensates MSGC for revenues they would have made if they had kept The Forum and Ballmer didn't build his stadium.

The Forum will reportedly be kept as a music venue by Ballmer.

The sale is subject to resolution of all the lawsuits currently in play over the matter.

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