Yale's Popular 'Happiness' Class is Available for Free Online

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The world sucks right now.

It's fine to admit it. It just does.

If you feel that your sanity's being worn thin while under isolation, you may want to take advantage of one of Yale University's mega-popular Happiness course, which is now free through coursara.org.

Yale's psychology professor says the course uses science "to rethink your daily rituals and rewire your brain toward a happier life.

"We're in a particularly challenging time not just for this health crisis, this physical health crisis, but also a potential mental health crisis as well," course creator Laurie Santos, a Yale psychology professor, told CNN.

This class from Yale went online for free two years ago under the same "The Science of Well Being." It's open to anyone to audit the course for free and for only $49 people can complete assignments for a grade to be eligible to earn a certificate of completion.

About one in four Yale students enrolled in the class and has become the most popular class in the ivy league's 300-year history.

So what exactly motivated Professor Santos to create the class?

"Our minds lie to us all the time. We miswant things. We think we need to change our life circumstances to become happier," Santos says.

A student at Yale took the class online and was looking for ways to improve their "learning and development."

She was attracted to the happiness course and took the plunge after seeing "raving reviews from other students."

The student's takeaway was that we need reconstructing misconceptions many have around happiness, such as mistakenly seeking fulfillment through accomplishments.

"Getting your dream job or dream spouse won't create happiness. You have to build habits," Henderson said. "And connecting with others is important, but getting right with yourself is equally important."

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