#TastyTuesday - How to Avoid Unnecessary Snacking While in Quarantine

As more employees transition from working in the office to work within the comfort of home, it seems that most people are getting a tad too comfortable around the house; especially, in the kitchen.

Boredom usually goes hand in hand with the "need" to snack and graze through the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry incessantly. Yet even though we all get these urges, the Fork Report host, Neil Saavedra joins Gary and Shannon today to tell you to respectively pump the brakes a bit on this unhealthy habit.

Instead, here are some tips on how to establish healthier habits and how to be efficient with your resources!

  1. Establish meal times to limit random snacking.
  2. Stock up on foods that have a shelf life, but also make sure you're still getting some healthy produce in your diet for essential vitamins and nutrients.
  3. Have comfort food when you really need it, but pick a time in the day you know it will be the most satisfying so you don't overindulge.
  4. When cooking, balance those meals with a carbohydrate, a vegetable, and a protein.
  5. Make healthy substitutions when you can to help build up the immune system! (Example: swap pretzels for popcorn/ chips for crunchy vegetables/nuts)

For more #TastyTuesday and other yummy insights, tune in to Gary and Shannon's conversation with the Fork Report's Neil Saavedra below!

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