Red Sox Unveil Coronavirus-Inspired Logo


Photo: Getty Images

MLB's Opening Day was scheduled for this Thursday, but unfortunately due to the coronavirus pandemic the season has been delayed indefinitely.

It's unclear when Opening Day will happen and it sucks.

We miss baseball so much. But if this will help control COVID-19, then we have to do what we have to do.

But that means we need to participate in social distancing and the Red Sox are encouraging their fans to do the same.

The Boston Red Sox on Tuesday unveiled a new, temporarily logo designed to promote social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

In the new version of the iconic logo, the team's namesake red socks are shown separated with white space between them. The separated socks are meant to remind people of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's suggestion to stay six feet away from others, team officials say.

The team is expected to go back to using their old logo once the coronavirus outbreak has subsided, the team says.

What do you think about this logo?

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