How You Can Help Seniors in El Segundo Get Groceries

Grocery shopping in the time of coronavirus is a massive, but necessary pain in the you know what.

It's especially hard for seniors, who are considered one of the highest risk groups for this virus.

So to help them, The Rotary Club of El Segundo and City's Recreation & Parks Department have created a COVID-19 senior outreach program.

The program enlists volunteers to take on the shopping requests of seniors, then deliver them to the designated recipient.

Trips happen on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and shopping requests are limited to 15 items which can include basic foods, household goods, and essential hygiene items.

The program also helps out those who are sick, immunocompromised and in serious danger if they are exposed to the coronavirus.

For more information about the program, sign-ups, and shopping requests, please call 310-524-2705 or email

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