#SmallBusinessShoutout - The Cat & Fiddle Pub & Restaurant

As social distancing and quarantine orders continue to be enforced during these difficult times, Gary and Shannon have been speaking with struggling local businesses and restaurants to show their support.

Today #GaS talked with The Cat & Fiddle Pub & Restaurant owner Ashlee Gardner, who offered up some background and gave us a taste of what they are all about:

"We have a deep Hollywood history - Family business for 37 years in Hollywood! [We] just opened our new location on Highland and Melrose 2 years ago. Great little outdoor patio and a pub that feels like home for many already. A local hub for the neighborhood. We change what we are doing sometimes daily with the set of current restrictions or even lifted restrictions (like the ability to serve alcohol). We currently offer our full menu , beer and wine to go. People can order on Postmates or if within 3 miles, we have our own delivery service and can order on our website."

(For more, tune in to their conversation below!)

To go food, beer, AND wine?! I mean, need we say more???

Now that you got a glimpse of The Cat & Fiddle Pub & Restaurant, here are some suggestions of what you can do to help support their cause!

1) Order their products for takeout/delivery/Postmates!

2) Purchase a gift card.

3) Spread the word!

To reiterate, as we all struggle to keep up with ever-changing circumstances, it is paramount that we recognize we are all in this together and safely supply aid to those in need when possible.

That being said, make sure to do your part and check out The Cat & Fiddle's website and social media pages!

website: www.thecatandfiddle.com 

Instagram: @thecatandfiddle

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/catandfiddlerestaurant/

Twitter: @TheCatandFiddle

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