Quarantine Shaming is Real

Californians Face New Normal Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

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Do not be that person.

Just don't do it.

What person am I referring to? Someone who ignores the #SafeAtHome orders and continues to go out.

I know what you're thinking. Simply there can't be that many idiots out there, but sadly there is.

People young and old are not taking this public health crisis and continuing to go out. They are putting themselves and others at risk and ignoring orders from government officials.

So the rest of America does what it does best. Online people are now "quarantining shaming" people who aren't staying at home.

They have been referring to the people who continue to go out as a #CovidIOT.

Griffins of Kinsale Irish pub in South Pasadena is one business that's continued to stay open last week for St. Patrick's Day and the messages he received were unlike anything he's experienced.

“I’ve been here for eight years,” Griffin said inside his bar two days later. “To have people call me and my business out online so viciously — in some cases, to have people screaming at me and the employees of this bar — was incredible.”

He said he was following orders from the governor and that St. Patrick's Day is the most important day for him and it wasn't til then did people start complaining.

“I was following what the governor said on Sunday [March 15], and he said for restaurants to have less than 250 people and to do social distancing,” Griffin said. “That night, we had probably 20 to 25 people, and there was proper spacing.”

“The way attitudes have changed just in the last couple of days has been amazing,” he said. “I was open Saturday and Sunday and nobody said anything. Nobody said anything on Monday. Then Tuesday rolls around, and all of a sudden I’m this horrible person.”

So moral of the story: STAY HOME.

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