Chef Katie Chin Shares Tips for Your Pantry and Table

Chef Katie Chin and Dr. Wendy chew on some ideas for your pantry. What should you be buying - NOT hoarding - during these uncertain times? Also, Chin suggests a handful of easy, tasty meals for home cooking. Hot Tip: work on your own little herb garden while you're looking for something to do!

First you need the pieces in the pantry to put it all together. What should you have in stock at all times? Katie Chin runs down the list. First and foremost, you want things that will last a while! Keep the staples in stock, but that does NOT mean hoarding!! Stop it! Hoarding throws the entire food industry out of whack and then there actually could be a problem. Put that TP down. Just kidding, as if you actually found TP. Nobody can, because of the HOARDERS!

Katie Chin

Need something to do while you're spending quality time with your peeps? Cook!! It can be fun, educational and creative - three things that help make the most of time. Not only that, but when your kids are grown and they look back on this historic event and realize, OH! That was really a big deal! They'll also have amazing memories. Cooking is bonding. Food is bonding. Dinner time around a table is bonding. Remember those dinners? If not, maybe this is a chance to try them out.

Chef Chin shares three of her best, easiest, most personal and favorite family recipes. Get out your pen and paper and hit play below.


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