Doctors are Desperate for Protective Gear and Asking for Donations

Hospitals Increase Capacity For More Covid-19 Cases

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As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States continues to grow at rapid numbers, health care workers are dangerously experiencing shortages in personal protective equipment, known as PPE.

These include N95 face masks, surgical gowns, medical face shields and nitrile exam gloves.

As the anxiety around coronavirus has spread, members of the public have started to buy these health supplies in bulk leaving very little to the health care workers who need it the most.

Now country-wide doctors and nurses are taking to social media to please for donation of these supplies. They are using the hashtag #GetMePPE.

"Our supplies are running critically low and there doesn't appear to be much relief in sight. Our vendors are unable to deliver on our orders and the state's stockpile is depleted," Iman Simmons, St. Charles' chief operating officer, said. "We are taking advantage of every opportunity we have to safely conserve PPE. But there's simply no getting around the fact that we need more supplies — and we need them soon."

Please, please, please if you have anything donate them to the hospitals. Healthcare workers are doing their absolute best to protect us. So let's do our part to protect them and stay at HOME.

They are risking their lives everyday for us and it's only right that we do our part and stop the spread of coronavirus.

For more information, please read here.

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