#FeelGood Otis Wants To Make You Smile With This Gorgeous Picture

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I'm back to help you take some time away from coronavirus news and to do what I can to help ease the anxiety you may be feeling right now.through some of my favorite videos and Instagram posts from people I follow.

One of my favorites to see daily on Instagram is a dog named Otis, on Instagram @Otis_unleashed. Otis is a 3 year old sheepadoodle, who reminds me so much of Snoopy (yes, I know Snoopy was a beagle) He and his sidekick Sully give ma a chuckle every single day, thanks to his people who have chronicled their daily journey with them. Walks, training, dinnertime and plenty of nap time. This week, they posted the MOST amazing photo of Otis looking down with a beautiful clear blue sky above and what I think is a cherry blossom tree with the quote 'Dis what ants see' #nowyouknow It is just a gorgeous photo and it can't help but make you smile for a moment.

That Instagram post and the videos I've posted below will give you a moment away from all the stress and anxiety right now and remind you that we will get through this....we will be ok.

I've seen stories this week of people helping their senior neighbors out because they are fearful to go to the stores on their own, this warms my heart. I've also seen customers of small businesses doing amazing things to help out their employees and one another. One example of this is out of Houston. A couple recently went to Irma's Southwest restaurant when they heard that restaurants would be closing down for 30 days to help stem the tide of coronavirus cases, so they went for one last dinner and the bill came to $90.12. What they did next was amazing. They left $1,900 cash as a tip and other $7,500 tip on their credit card with a note on the bill saying 'hold tip to pay your guys over the next few weeks.' The owner was stunned and said it was one of the most amazing things a customer has ever done for them. He's going to split the money among his 30 employees, so everyone will get about $300 each. It may not seem like much if they're going to be out of work for awhile, but it's something that they all appreciate immensely.

So take a few minutes away form coronavirus news and check out the social media posts and videos I've posted below and take a moment to take a breath and give yourself a break.

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