China's Lead Medical Officer Denies Coronavirus Started in Wuhan

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One of China's top coronavirus expert, who's been the leader on a team of experts in China to tackle this health crisis, has denied that the virus originated in Wuhan and slams that any claims of this is 'irresponsible'.

"The epidemic of the novel coronavirus pneumonia indeed took place in China, in Wuhan, but it does not mean its source is in Wuhan," said Dr. Zhong Nanshan.

As the cases of those infected in China continues to fall rapidly and continues to soar in countries abroad, Beijing is now trying to reject that Wuhan is the birthplace of the outbreak.

Today Chinese officials reported no new cases for the first time in Wuhan including surrounding ares in Hubei Province since the epidemic started in late December.

During his press conference, Dr. Zhong said that this is no evidence to prove that coronavirus originated in Wuhan.

'It is a scientific problem. I think it is irresponsible to conclude lightly before [the matter] is clarified,' the epidemiologist said at the 46th Coronavirus Prevention Media Conference hosted by the government of Guangzhou in southern China.

This is the second time that Dr. Zhong has denied this claim. He made similar claims at the end of February once the number of daily cases continued to drop.

Last week even a Beijing spokesperson that the coronavirus might have been brought to Wuhan by the US military in a tweet.

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