#Quarantheater with Gary and Shannon

Quarantines, closures, and illnesses bumming you out? Gary and Shannon get it, and they have just what you need.

The Gary and Shannon crew present #Quarantheater - the unique cinematic experience where all are invited to enjoy classic sport films with the GaS social media community. #Socialdistancing

In case you missed it, last night, the crew watched A League of Their Own, a classic film starring Tom Hanks, who coaches a women's baseball team during World War II.

For tonight's screening, we will be watching Remember the Titans, which follows the true story of African American football coach Herman Boone, who tries to unite his newly integrated team at T.C. Williams High School in 1971.

Make sure you tune in at 8 pm and check out GaS' Instagram and Twitter pages to join the discussion while we watch! #GaSQT

Behind on #Quarantheater? We got you covered. Catch up with our previous post and listen in to Gary and Shannon's quick recap below.

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