Deputies Hunt Norwalk `Porch Pirates'

NORWALK (CNS) - Deputies today sought the public's help in locating two suspects in a Norwalk porch piracy that turned violent.

On the morning of Feb. 12, a couple received a delivery to their house, but a man and a woman swooped in and intercepted the packages before the owners could get to them, according to Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Det. Jose Lopez.

They were particularly disappointed, because it was just before Valentine's Day, and both awaited gifts they'd picked out for each other -- makeup and chocolates, he said.

The couple used footage from a Ring video-doorbell system to help them track down the thieves, and after cruising the neighborhood for awhile, they located two people in a Starbucks parking lot in the 11750 block of Firestone Boulevard, Lopez said.

That's where things turned violent, investigators say.

An altercation broke out between the four, and the male suspect pushed the male victim, and brandished a knife concealed in his waistband, Lopez said.

With the uptick in online shopping, this kind of crime has been on the rise, Lopez said.

``They keep an eye out for the delivery trucks and they follow behind them,'' he said.

Police are searching for Anthony William Miranda, a 35-year-old Hispanic man with black hair and brown eyes. They're also looking for Graciela Toscano Leonardo, a 25-year-old Hispanic woman with brown hair and hazel eyes.

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