#Quarantheater with Gary and Shannon

If Coronavirus, quarantines, and closures are putting a damper on your life, fret not, Gary and Shannon have just what you need.

Ladies and gentlemen, GaS presents Quarantheater, the movie experience that allows you to practice social distancing with a communal feel! #Responsible!

In case you missed it, the movie of the night will be Miracle, which follows the inspiring journey of the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team.

This feel good film is one that the whole family can enjoy, while also giving sports lovers their much needed dose of athletics during this strange time.

The incredible true story of Miracle can be streamed on Disney+, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

Your friends from Gary and Shannon will be tuning in at 8 pm, so be there (via online/streaming services/spiritually, NOT physically...) or be square!

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