Taco Bell Announces Steps to Help Stop Spread of Coronavirus


IRVINE (CNS) - Taco Bell announced it is preparing to serve its customers through drive-thru and delivery only and looking into the possibility of closing restaurant dining rooms in response to the coronavirus.

“I am convinced that Taco Bell, our franchisees and team members have an obligation to do something to help stop (coronavirus) from spreading,” CEO Mark King said.

King said by closing dining rooms at restaurants “we would be limiting millions of guest interactions and further enabling social distancing.”

The Irvine-based company is amending its sick policy to ensure that no one who works is sick. Employees required to stay at home or who work at a restaurant that is closed will be paid for any scheduled or regularly scheduled hours during their time away from work, King said.

“We're actively working with our franchise partners to encourage a similar approach,” King said.

Increased cleaning has already been taking place in restaurants, he said.

“We aim to be the safest place to eat AND the safest place to work,” King said.

Photo: Getty Images

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