#FeelGood Lieutenant Dan IS the new Cadbury Bunny!

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Last week I brought to you the story of the competition to find a new Cadbury Bunny, and my hope that my favorite. Lt. Dan the dog would win.

Well, it's official, Lt. Dan IS THE NEW CADBURY BUNNY! He won $5000 and will be featured in a new commercial!

For those who missed it, this is all based on the commercial you've seen every year since the mid-90s leading up to Easter about the Cadbury Bunny Tryouts, where animals of all shapes and sizes compete to be the new Cadbury bunny, and don't dare tell them they're not bunnies, they all have the ears after all!

My personal favorite was a dog named Lieutenant Dan, from New Richmond, Ohio. He's a 2-year old, two-legged beagle that is SO READY for his time in the spotlight.

Lt. Dan was born with deformed hind paws and when Laura Weber from New Richmond, Ohio saw him, she couldn't live without him, so she adopted him when he as just 5 months old. Shortly after his adoption his back paws were amputated, hence his name... Lt. Dan, after the character in Forrest Gump.

Just like Lt. Dan, he uses his cart to get around most of the time, but when he's not using it, he hops around...JUST LIKE A BUNNY!

Laura recently told CNN:

"He doesn't know that he has a handicap. He just knows he has this wonderful life to live and he enjoys every day of it."

Lt. Dan had some pretty tough competition from nine other adorable nominees (I posted all their entry videos below) including:

  • Lunchbox the cat from Oklahoma City, OK
  • Ricky Bobby the mini horse from Ocala, FL
  • Conswala the llama from York Springs, PA
  • Eggbert the cat from Herndon, VA
  • Ginger the hamster from Brentwood, TN
  • Donald Ducky the Pomeranian from Hungtington Beach, CA
  • Ducksong the mini pig from Daytona Beach, FL
  • Dilly Bar Dabller the duck from Springfield, OH
  • Dodger the labrador, a service dog from Scottsdale, AZ

But it was Lt. Dan that came out the winner!!! Congratulations Lt. Dan!

**For more Feel Good stories, check out my blog page!**

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