Coronavirus: Facts vs. Panic

Chances are you've been inside a Walmart, Costco, Target this week, right ?

You are probably just like everyone, you do "house-shopping" for food, toilet paper, soap, Doritos and all that other crap, right ?

You probably also noticed that toilet paper is out. So is bottled water. So are disinfectants . We also happened to notice a run on canned food too ! WTF ?? Chunky soup and green beans in demand ??? Welcome to Coronavirus 2020....

From Forbes' Business Writer Lisette Voytko :

Tesla CEO Elon Musk received the most likes and retweets during the past 7 days on Twitter, according to data compiled by the social media tracking firm NewsWhip, for his dismissive March 6 Tweet claiming the “coronavirus panic is dumb,” before the virus had upended industry and American life, showing just how much can change in seven days.

Lisette continues:

Big number: 15%. That’s how much Tesla’s stock price has dropped during this week’s massive sell-offs.

Elon sure knows how to be an ass...

Read this article John found : Coronavirus Facts vs Panic

The point here is that yes there is PANIC. Yes, some panic may be unwarranted, but at this point we just don't know.

But the FACTS are, plenty of Americans will get sick and some may die. So people, lets just use common sense.

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