Scammers And Hackers Are Using Coronavirus To Get To You

CDC Says SARS Might Be A Form Of The Coronavirus

As coronavirus continues to spread, so too does the hysteria surrounding it. People are rushing to grocery stores and big box stores in a mad scramble to stock up on bottled water, non-perishable foods, toilet paper, and other necessities.

Although all of the facts have yet to be sorted out, one fact remains very strong...

Hackers and scammers are on the prowl.

Criminals are using the frenzy surrounding the coronavirus outbreak to prey on frightened people and tricking them into giving up their personal information.

The scam is actually quite simple. The hackers and scammers are sending out fake emails that have attachments that, once downloaded, infect your computer with malware that compromises you private information.

Some other emails direct you fake websites. According to NBC News, these phishing scams disguise themselves as the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and convince people into giving up personal login information.

Like email scams, this can be prevented by following one simple step: If you don't know the source, don't open it!

Be vigilant, be aware, and you should be alright.

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