#WhatchaWatchinWednesday: Bachelor Report with Petros

After months of investment in the world of bachelor Peter Weber, we finally have all the answers people! And let me tell you, the results are very disappointing.

Not only does this guy not end up with Madison, but he also really screwed over Hannah Ann.

To recap, Madi left Peter in the Australian outback because they were "too different" and she was hurt from his choices, which broke his heart.

Instead of telling Hannah Ann she left rather than him sending her home, he decided to propose to her simply because she was the only one left.

She says yes, and after being engaged for just a month, he breaks up with her because he is still "conflicted". Feeling blindsided, she puts him in his place and honestly her responses to his game was epic.


Don't worry - the drama does not stop there. At the live taping, Hannah Ann gets another chance to talk with Peter for closure and express her final thoughts on his shenanigans and literally his mother was clapping for her the entire time.

The show then flashes back to Chris Harrison meeting up with Madison in Alabama, where she admits to him she is still in love with Peter. Naturally, they meet up and then the scene is conveniently cut off before we know where they stand.

Of course, we see the two reunite at the live taping and they inform the audience that they are working on things but not jumping into anything at the moment.

Then Peter's mom chimed into the discussion and ripped Madi a new one with her dislike for her.

And that ladies and gentlemen, marks the end of another Bachelor season. Listen in to hear what Petros, Gary, and Shannon had to say about it!

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