Parenting and Expectations - With The Dad Podcast

Nowadays, people have varying perceptions on gender, but for the most part, expectant parents seem to get extremely fixated on the gender of their children.

Parents can also be very hard on children in regard to their expectations on grades, achievements, careers, etc.

However, research shows that upholding certain hopes and expectations for children can be damaging to their success, sense of self worth, and overall happiness.

That said, how can this predicament be remedied when society has always fixated on roles associated with gender and/or pushing children to exceed their wildest expectations?

One solution alone is hard to pinpoint, but we can start by pushing society and parents to be more excepting of their own unique child/children, be open minded, and help ease negative emotions by pushing kids in a positive way to helps them achieve happiness and success.

The Dad Podcast host also falls into this line of thinking:

"If you are extremely upset because you are having a girl and not a boy then more than likely it is less about the sex of your child and more about your expectations for your life to go the way you want.I think the more one leans into a single way of seeing things the less successful you are in all things. Not just parenting, careers, etc. There is a difference between focusing on achieving a goal and focusing on a path ignoring the surroundings of the path."

To hear more, listen in to hear what Gary and Shannon had to say with guest Justin Worsham of the Dad Podcast!

For more of Justin and other parenting tips and topics, you can check out all of his stuff at The Dad Podcast.

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