#TastyTuesday: Eating Out During the Coronavirus Epidemic

If you love food, but are also paranoid about contracting the coronavirus while in public, fear not. #TastyTuesday has all the latest information on how to eat out during an epidemic. Here are some tips to keep in mind when going out while still having fun, eating good, and staying safe:

  1. Be informed on the latest information through trusted sources, such as the Center for Disease Control or the World Health Organization.
  2. If you are older or have underlying health issues, social distancing is recommended, specifically from large gatherings.
  3. Be aware that eateries and restaurants are taking precautions to avoid contamination.
  4. Also know that the virus does not spread through food, rather, it spreads through infected people contaminating surfaces.
  5. Pay attention to your surroundings (aka cleaning methods of employees, etc).
  6. Be observant and ask questions if necessary.
  7. If you are SUPER paranoid, just stay home and order in.

Just a reminder, DO NOT panic, but when in public proceed with caution.

Just make sure to follow these tips, avoid touching your face, and wash your hands consistently. Oh and take your vitamins, they're good for you.

Still hungry for more? Listen in to hear Gary and Shannon talk to @TheForkReport's host Neil Saavedra for more #TastyTuesday!

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