Will Coachella Prevail Amidst Coronavirus Cancellations?

Every April, Coachella, a very popular music festival, brings hundreds of thousands of people to Indio Valley; generating millions of dollars in revenue due to the huge name headliners, fashion, celebrities, good food, social scene, hot music, and aesthetically pleasing backgrounds for photo lovers.

Yet as the world acts to prevent further spread of the coronavirus, more and more people are staying home from work and school, while several popular events have been cancelled. That said, the burning question remains - will Coachella be spared?

Although Coachella representatives have not yet confirmed whether or not the show will go on, many have begun protesting the event with a petition opting to cancel the festivities since confirmed cases and deaths have been on the rise.

Other festivals such as Ultra and SXSW have already gone ahead and cancelled their plans amidst coronavirus fears. But with millions of dollars at stake, it seems like the festival representatives are taking their time making this decision. In the meantime, the fate of Coachella is unknown.

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