Dealing with Mass Coronavirus Fears

We all have lives and loved ones, so it may feel impossible not to jump off the coronavirus bridge of fear and public panic. Not a day goes by with countless updates on the sick, the stuck and the deceased.

As of today, over 500 people in the US have become infected. Flights are being cancelled. Public events are being cancelled. Schools are being cancelled. States have declared public emergencies. People are hoarding face masks and food.

The main takeaways, though? Wash your hands well and often. Don't touch your face, specifically your eyes, nose and mouth.

Yes, it's something to be aware of and worth taking sensible precautions like those. But have you maybe gotten a little too wrapped up in the warnings and hype? Dr. Wendy gives some tips to calm your nerves and stay above the fray. Master Your Mind so It Doesn’t Control You.

Dr. Wendy talks about some tips to keep calm in mind, body and spirit. First and foremost don't give in! Don't give in to the spread of fear. Don't allow feelings of helplessness. Basically, just don't take the bait! Keep focused on your own positive and productive goals.

Dr. Wendy covers a lot more in her segment below!

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