Dr. Barbara Ferrer Gives the Latest on the Coronavirus


As of today, 138 new cases were reported, along with three more deaths, according to Los Angeles' Public Health Director, Dr. Barbara Ferrer. These new numbers now bring the amount of confirmed cases to 799 and the death toll to 13.

Dr. Ferrer also announced that there is an ongoing investigation into the death of the minor from Lancaster, and they will release more details to the public when they have concluded additional testing. Currently, L.A. County has tested 4,700 people and will continuing testing. In the meantime, she stressed that practicing social distancing, staying home, and good hygiene are paramount in putting a halt to the virus' spread.

For more information on her update with @GaryandShannon, listen to their conversation below.


Dr. Barbara Ferrer, Los Angeles County's Public Health Director, addressed the public today about recent developments in the fight against COVID-19. As of today, she confirmed 128 new cases have been reported, along with four more deaths.

These new numbers now bring L.A. County's infected case count to 662 and death toll to 11. Dr. Ferrer also stressed that people of all ages can contract Coronavirus, and therefore should be taking social distancing and isolation precautions very seriously.

Stay-at-home orders are being strictly enforced. Citizens are not prohibited to leave their homes unless one needs to access essential services and/or perform essential work duties.

Listen in for more on her update with Gary and Shannon below.


L.A. County Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer joined us for another update today on the state of COVID-19. Today officials announced 61 new cases, stressing the fact that cases are popping up all over the county and that no one area is safer than another.

To date the county has identified 292 cases, including 2 deaths, and once again urged people to practice social distancing and good hygiene. Non-essential businesses have been closed, and everyone has been ordered to stay safe at home unless they are considered an essential worker.

Listen to Dr. Ferrer's update with @GaryandShannon below.


Dr. Barbara Ferrer joined the show today to tell us all the latest about COVID-19 in Southern California. There are 25 new cases in L.A. County, 5 of which are expected to be due to community exposure. All in all, this means that there have been 41 new cases in the past 48 hours, bringing the county total up to 94.


Dr. Barbara Ferrer, head of the L.A. County Health Department, joined Gary and Shannon to give a daily update on the latest with the widespread coronavirus. The virus, dubbed COVID-19, has left the public in hysteria, with airlines refunding canceled flights and major annual events being postponed.

Two news cases have been announced today. One case stemming from a group of travelers returning from Northern Italy. The 8th person apart of the group was confirmed positive today. The second case that was reported was an LAX screener who works under U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The county's total number of those infected has now reached 13.

People who develop mild illnesses are being encouraged to call their doctor, but avoid going to the hospital.

“You can call your doctor, particularly if you're a person with underlying health conditions or you're pregnant, but please don't just go in,” Ferrer said. “This is the time for us to make sure our medical professionals are able to treat those people with the most serious illnesses and not to have people with mild illness who actually don't need to see a clinician go into a health-care facility to have their questions answered.”

Listen to Dr. Ferrer's update with @GaryandShannon below.

Two Additional Coronavirus Cases Confirmed in L.A. County - Thumbnail Image

Two Additional Coronavirus Cases Confirmed in L.A. County

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