AG Becerra : Let us know if you see Coronavirus price gouging

Coronavirus consumer alert !

We generally think CA Attorney General Xavier Becerra is a partisan hack who acts as a lap dog for liberal democrat weenies.

However, this time he may actually be doing his job. Steve Gregory from KFI News talked to John & Ken after covering a Becerra press conference to alert the public that price gouging is illegal in the state of California during an emergency.

“Communities throughout our state are working to prevent and treat this public health threat,”said Attorney General Becerra. “Californians shouldn’t have to worry about being cheated while dealing with the effects of coronavirus. Our state’s price gouging law protects people impacted by an emergency from illegal price gouging on medical supplies, food, gas, and other essential supplies. I encourage anyone who has been the victim of price gouging, or who has information regarding potential price gouging, to immediately file a complaint through my office’s website, call (800) 952-5225, or contact their local police department or sheriff’s office.”

Hear Steve talk to John & Ken about Becerra's price gouging warning

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