#WhatchaWatchinWednesday: Bachelor Report with Petros

Ladies and gentlemen, things just got real on The Bachelor this past Monday, especially with the Women Tell All addition to the ~two part finale~.

To refresh your memory, the episode opens up with all the unchosen sitting together, and I swear I could feel the tension in the room as they waited for the chance to hash up previous drama.

Then the episode turns to Victoria and Hannah Ann waiting patiently for Peter to commence the rose ceremony, while he was having a slight mental breakdown over Madison not showing up on time.

Of course, she shows fashionably late for the dramatic effect, and Peter nervously begins the ceremony.

Thankfully, Pilot Pete then makes the decision to break things off with Victoria and send her home.

Don't worry, it doesn't stop there. Then things get fiesty among the unchosen while Chris Harrison sits back thinking about his next pot-stirring question and moderating the tense interactions.

Of course, drama and tears continue, and then The Bachelor did something very interesting.

Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay came on not only to address cyberbullying, but physically showed some messages that have been received by contestants and let me tell you, even though I do not find myself particularly fond of everyone that comes on this show, no one is deserving of the pure hate that was displayed.

Sure, it is okay to have different perspectives on the show, but being a bully in any sense, is just plain wrong. Shame on you trolls!

P.S. if you decide you haven't gotten your full dose of Bachelor recap after reading this, listen in to what Shannon and Petros had to say about it:

Oh, and if you are dying to listen in to more Petros, you can hear more of him at AM570 LA Sports !

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