They Do WHAT????

I love animals and scientific animal discoveries, but sometimes those critters are GROSS.

You know jellyfish, right?If you're swimming near them, they can sting you. Then you have to pee on yourself. Which is already pretty disgusting. BTW, it's also the wrong thing to do.If you pee on a jellyfish sting, it can move the stingers around in the wound and cause them to release even more toxin.So don't do that.

Now it looks like jellyfish can get you without even being near you. Researchers at Tohoko University in Japan discovered that the Upside Down Jellyfish (which lays upside down on the ocean floor) releases globules of mucus filled with stinging cells.Yes, that's right: jellyfish snot can sting you.

The research was published in the journal Communications Biology and from now on, you'll find me on a beach chair far from the water.

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