How Your Inner Child Could Resolve Your Sex Addiction

Sexual and pornography addictions are responsible for individuals engaging in harmful behaviors that result in erosion of self-worth; destruction of relationships; and in some cases, legal consequences. With pornography so accessible, the incidence of sexual and pornography addictions is growing at an alarming rate. Along with this, many of the techniques and programs designed to treat the disorder are not effective and leave individuals [who] have tried to quit numerous times frustrated and feeling hopeless. Individuals are locked in darkness and relationships are being destroyed. I know, because I see it every day in my private practice.

That is according to our guest Eddie Capparucci, licensed counselor and certified sexual addiction therapist. He says sex and pornography addiction* are not about people needing more of something. It's about needing different.

He says people need to go back tot he beginning to figure out what was experienced, missing or harmful before people can move through and past the triggers.

To learn more about Eddie Capparucci and his book "Going Deeper: Understanding How the Inner Child Impacts Your Sexual Addiction," click HERE!

  • Sex and pornography have not been included in the "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders". They are known most often as compulsions. Capparucci says the bottom line is that people become consumed and overwhelmed by the thoughts of sex and pornography. They still effect people's lives and relationships.

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