The World’s Largest Display of LEGO Art Opens Today!

Big fan of LEGOs? You're definitely not alone. And now's your chance to see millions of them in an amazing art exhibit at the California Science Center.

"The Art of the Brick" exhibit opens today, Friday February 28, and will feature more than 100 works of art made of more than one million LEGO pieces!

Nathan Sawaya created the exhibit when he said he needed a "new creative outlet" after working as a corporate lawyer in New York City.

"So I started experimenting with LEGO, eventually decided you know what, I'm going to make a career out of this and I left the law firm behind to make a full-time job playing with toys," Sawaya said.
"The mission of the California Science Center is to inspire curiosity and science learning. We often like to do this by showing people science in their everyday life, including the toys they play with," said Diane Perlov, Senior Vice President of Exhibits.

The Art of the Brick also has an interactive feature with nine different activities, called 'The Science of the Brick', and will remain open through Labor Day!

Check out the California Science Center for more information.

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