Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Honorable Mention - Catholics are questioning whether meatless "meat" violates spirit of Lent

9 - An Indiana police officer was arrested for pretending to arrest his own 15-year-old son

8 - TCU defensive tackle Ross Blacklock found out from the Raiders at the NFL Combine that he had 37 parking tickets

7 - 60 cats rescued from filthy, cramped storage unit after being placed there when their owner died

6 - A Florida hospital worker that has been accused of sucking a patient’s toes says it’s a misunderstanding

5 - Chastity is in trouble after the deputy found a marijuana cigarette in her bra

4 - A man has been arrested for cow manure battery

3 - Japanese company mixes toxic blowfish organs into seafood shipments

2 - Cleaners that will clean coronavirus cruise ship stand to make $1,000 each

1 - Texas police offer to test your meth for coronavirus

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