L.A. Councilman Aims to Improve FlyAway Shuttle Service at LAX

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Los Angeles City Councilman Joe Buscaino proposed an expansion of Los Angeles International Airport's FlyAway Bus Program today in an effort to reduce traffic at the airport and provide cleaner transportation.

``The FlyAway is an essential service for thousands of travelers and Angelenos alike,'' according to a statement from Buscaino's office. ``The motion will call for the airport to analyze the implementation of the improvements in the areas of reliability, affordability, sustainability, customer experience and accommodation for future growth.''

With the implementation of the airport's LAX-it remote passenger pick- up lot, shuttle services like FlyAway were prioritized to enhance speed and convenience, according to Buscaino.

The councilman's motion asks for a report that includes an analysis and status update of the FlyAway program and would seek:

-- 10-minute headways or better for all current FlyAway lines and to supply more shuttles when needed;

-- a $5 flat rate and free transfers to regional bus and rail, as well as reduced taxi and ride-hailing fares for customers traveling from non- FlyAway pickup locations;

-- for the FlyAway program to use cleaner shuttles that use compressed natural gas or zero-emission vehicles;

-- online and mobile ticket-purchasing options; and

-- an exploration of ways to plan for potential future growth of the program.

The motion will first be heard by the City Council's Trade, Travel and Tourism Committee at a date yet to be set.

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