Joe Biden Admits He Was Actually Never Arrested In South Africa


Photo: Getty Images

The former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden is now admitting that the claims he made of being arrested in the 1970's in South Africa during a congressional delegation trip are actually false.

Over the past few weeks, Biden has faced criticism for repeatedly claiming that he was arrested for attempting to see Nelson Mandela with the former U.S Ambassador to the United Nations Andrew Young.

Snopes and the Washington Post both found holes in the story after the New York Times questioned the reliability of Biden's claims. Young was a congressman in Georgia at the time of the trip, not the U.N ambassador. He spoke to the Times and the Post and said neither him or Biden were actually arrested.

Now Biden is attempting to backtrack on those claims. Earlier today on CNN, he said this, “When I said arrested, I meant I was not able to move,” Biden said. “Cops would not let me go with them. I wasn't arrested, I was stopped. I was not able to move where I wanted to go.”

Biden's campaign communications director Kate Bedingfield was the first from the Biden campaign to backtrack the former Vice President's claims.

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