A Juror From Harvey Weinstein's Case Says Verdict Wasn't Meant For #MeToo

Jury Deliberations Continue In Harvey Weinstein Rape And Assault Trial

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Earlier this week former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of rape and a criminal sex act.

One of the 12 jurors who was on this case spoke out this morning to "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King.

Drew was juror number nine and said that the jurors did not let the cultural impact of the #MeToo movement influence their decision. But that didn't stop the jurors from feeling an emotional toll on them during deliberations.

"That's not the job, and it's not what we were asked to do," he said. "It would be an adulteration of the process to take outside factors and have that weigh on our decision-making process and eventual findings. And, you know, I have no appetite or aspirations to be the voice or face of both the jury and the larger movement. It's, you know, this case, these people, this is our decision."

Drew said that Weinstein's alleged victims thanking the jury publicly didn't mean anything to him.

"I took no joy in any aspect of it, you know, this is a serious matter for serious crimes," he said.

Drew said that the jury took their five-day long deliberation process seriously and had to take a closer look at the legal definitions of the charges before they came to a unanimous verdict.

He explained that Jessica Mann's testimony proved Weinstein to be guilty of third degree rape, but wasn't enough to convict him of the most serious charges he was facing.

"It wasn't rape in the first degree. There was no physical compulsion with the threat of bodily harm or death," he said. "But there was no consent given, despite a lack of physical resistance, and a reasonable person should have known that there was no consent given in that instance."

At the end when Drew was asked if he was satisfied with the jury's final decision he said, "That is an interesting question, and the answer is yes. And to speak to the respect I have for the people in the room, we have to live with these choices."

For more information and to watch the full interview, please read here.

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