Bill Handel's Worst Nightmare: A Potential Diet Coke Shortage

Looks like it's time for Bill Handel to put in his (weekly) massive order of Diet Coke...

And if you're also a fan of Diet Coke, you may want to take advantage of any sales now, because soda giant Coca-Cola says that the Coronavirus could cause shortages of the drink!

Some of Diet Coke's ingredients are exported from China, ground zero for the deadly virus that has already killed over 2,000. As market restrictions on production and exports are tightened to prevent virus outbreaks, Coke says it may be short on those ingredients like Splenda, the stuff that sweetens Diet Coke.

According to NBC News, Coca-Cola has a contingency plan to keep soda drinkers happy, but want to make the public aware that a shortage could come...

"While we currently expect this business disruption to be temporary, there is uncertainty around its duration and its broader impact, and therefore the effects it will have on our business," the report said. "However, based on our current expectations, we believe this disruption will negatively impact our unit case volume and financial results for the first quarter of 2020. At this time, we do not expect this disruption to have a significant impact on our full year 2020 unit case volume or financial results."

This news has sent Diet Coke worshipers, like Handel, into a panic. Get all of the details on the Business Insider.

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