#WhatchaWatchinWednesday: Bachelor Report with Petros

This week heated up on The Bachelor with fantasy suites... and some ~spicy drama~.

Long story short:

-3 girls, 1 room (yikes)

-Victoria and Hannah Ann await their chance for sexy time with Pilot Pete and have cringy conversations with literally no substance whatsoever

-Madison unravels at the idea of him being intimate with another woman because she has saved herself for marriage, and wants him to do the same for her

-Madison gives Peter an ultimatum that messes with him all week

-Peter does the the dirty deed anyways --> Madison finds out --> becomes mute --> walks away from a teary eyed Peter looking off into the distance

Meanwhile, Hannah Ann and Victoria get annoyed that Madison put him in this position, and honestly, I do not blame them.

To go on the show, you agree to go with this unconventional process to compete with the bachelor/bachelorette's several other relationships...AND the fantasy suites get steamy 99% of the time.

While I respect sticking to morals, if two people aren't on the same page with core values like celibacy, then you cannot be upset with someone for having different views - especially in this scenario.

And that's the tea.

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