The Bachelor Season 24ever

If you ever wondered what Grandma does when you leave her house, ABC’s new show may be your very first look into your Gram-gram’s secret life. 

ABC’s hit show ‘The Bachelor’ is getting an all-new reboot (we say “new” lightly). That’s right, The Bachelor Season 24 is here! Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

The program is casting single men and women 65+ to star in the hit reality show. Finally, we can see what happens when Dolores cranks that oxygen mask into high gear. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Ruth do the Twist like nobody's watching. 

"#Bachelornation give us your Grumpiest Old Men, give us your Goldenest Girls." Is how the show’s producer Rob Mills describes the ideal cast members in a CNN article for this mature rendering of the show. 

Photo by Jorge Vasconez

The show has had suggestive talks about taking place in Boca Raton, FL. So if you want to see Pop-pop have a little fun in the sun well into his golden years, please don’t hesitate. You can sign him up for an audition on this here link: and to get in on the happening on social media tweet/post/search #Bachelornation

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