Joe Biden Says The Russians Are Trying To Prevent Him From Winning


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Joe Biden, the former Vice President of the United States, is insisting that the Russians are working to block him from winning the Democratic nomination.

He admitted that his claims are not based on anything other than information told by intelligence officials. Biden also added that the Russians like Sen. Bernie Sanders.

"The Russians don't want me to be the nominee,"Biden said on CBS News' "Face the Nation," later adding, "they like Bernie. 

Biden said this after he was asked about the momentum Sanders has had in the primary race so far.

Biden has fallen behind in every poll in the national race for the Democrat's nomination after having lead for months before. Sanders has won two of the first three primary contests, while Biden has continuously under performing.

When asked if he could stop Sanders, Biden insisted he was still "the best guy to beat Trump" before claiming the Russians were working against him. 

"They spent a lot of money on bots on Facebook and they've been taken down saying Biden is a bad guy. They don't want Biden running," Biden said of the Russians. "No one's helping me to try to get the nomination." 

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