Welcome to the One Way Inn . . . No way out!

Photo by Anderson Djumin on Unsplash

Back in 1871, a German family named the Benders immigrated to America where they opened an inn in the southeastern region of Kansas. The Labette County inn was the family’s means of income and more importantly, their murder quarters.

The “Bloody Benders” are one of America's first serial killer families. Here’s The Gary and Shannon Take:

Father John, mother Kate, daughter Kate and son John Jr. would take in travelers and murder them in their sleep with their weapon of choice, a hammer. The bodies were then transported via trapdoor into a cellar where they would do away with the body. 

Next, the bodies were taken to a nearby orchard field where these victims would be buried.

The townspeople, becoming suspicious of recent disappearances, began to investigate the property. Upon the townspeople’s investigation, they found the inn seemingly abandoned (even fearing the Benders had fallen victim as well). However, while investigating the plot they stumbled upon the single-room cabin containing the now infamous trapdoor; going further, the townspeople found the victims buried in the orchard field (one member even identifying one of the bodies as his brother). . 

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