Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Honorable Mention - New York State University at Albany is investigating an off-campus coronavirus-themed party

9 - New Hampshire town fires only policeman, who then turned in his uniform and walked out in his underwear

8 - Inmate confesses in letter to killing 2 child molesters with a cane in California prison

7 - Tennessee executes killer, who also saved the lives of 3 corrections officers, by electric chair

6 - San Diego an who sucker-punched cop while wearing Jesus costume sentenced to 270 days in jail

5 - Demolition company tears down wrong Dallas home

4 - France has launched a bedbug hotline after insects make a national comeback

3 - A bar manager is in jail after throwing a Kama Sutra sex contest

2 - A Utah man that was found in a freezer exonerated his wife with note that explained her innocence

1 - Denver squatters leave behind underwear, a snake, and sex toys

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