Weird Standoff at Gas Station Ends Without an Arrest

An hours-long standoff at a Walnut gas station ended without someone in cuffs.

LA County sheriff's deputies surrounded a man inside of a car parked at the gas station after they were called in to deal with a reported disturbance.

They say they encountered the man refusing to come out of his car, with deputies eventually firing rubber bullets and bean bags inside.

During this whole thing, the man is seen putting notes up to the windshield.

One message said "Help" and another said "Why are there only three police cars?"

A special mental evaluation team was called in to help at one point as witnesses say the man was acting weirdly, jumping from front seat to back seat.

Nearly four hours after the standoff started, officers left the scene saying that the man hadn't committed a crime and wasn't a threat to himself or others.

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