Sushi Machine Can Roll 700 Pieces Per Hour

Think you can make 700 pieces of sushi per hour? Probably not -- but this machine will.

The Suzumo machine is made and manufactured in Tokyo, but is becoming more and more popular here in the States.

"Finding the sushi chef is very hard right now and the wage is very expensive. But once the machine is purchased they don't care about the sushi chef because the machine can do everything," said Suzumo Vice President and General Manager Hiroshi Monden.

The machine rolls and dresses sushi rolls in just seconds...

"It's very easy because anybody can make the same sushi any time - and the machine will not complain - even working 24 hours," Monden added.

Want your own sushi machine? Just go to the Suzumo North America website.

Check out the full report on ABC7.

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